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Executive Summary Sample and Breakdown

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is designed to address a specific objective or set of objectives for one or more online properties. The summary provides comprehensive insight into these objectives and explores opportunities for improvement/expansion in these areas. Depending on the objectives being addressed different methods of analysis will be utilized. There are five sections to this report: Introduction, Methods of Analysis, Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations.


The introduction provides a brief synopsis of the purpose for the summary. In addition, it provides details regarding report specific information pertinent to the purpose of the report.

Methods of Analysis

This section illustrates the methods utilized for this report. It describes each method of analysis in detail conducted for research which led to the findings, conclusions and recommendations for the report.


The Findings section focuses on outlining the raw data obtained for the report. The data is organized in a cohesive, comprehensible manner conducive for a quick read through the material. The Findings section usually includes a variety of graphs, charts and excerpts of other statistics used to corroborate the Conclusions and Recommendations sections.


The second to last section of the Executive Summary report is the Conclusions section. This section details professional conclusions based on the data found and illustrated within the Findings section. The Conclusions section is meant to draw educated connections and opinions based on the raw data obtained for the report. These conclusions explain and provide the foundation for the final section, Recommendations.


This final section is essentially the entire purpose of the Executive Summary report. Here, the conclusions made in the previous section are further developed into recommendations to further the progress of objectives investigated in the report.

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