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Current Paid Advertising Platforms

Google AdWords Account Management

The Google AdWords platform is the primary platform used by most companies and individuals trying to market their products or services online. It has also become the standard platform companies and individuals use to gauge performance by regarding their digital marketing initatives.

Google AdWords Marketing Advantages

There are many advantages marketing your product and/or service with Google AdWords. We will not attempt to list all of them here but rather give you an idea of how Google AdWords could benefit your business:

  • Various digital marketing campaigns can be created via Google AdWords such as call only campaigns, search campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, shopping campaigns, mobile campaigns and tablet campaigns.
  • Google AdWords has a wide array of features for all campaign types including geographic location targeting, keyword insights, wide selection of ad extensions and multiple SEM campaign types (including custom SEM campaigns with limitations).
  • The Google AdWords program also has various tools implemented into its interface such as the Keyword Tool, Ad Placement Tool, Opportunities Section and Google Merchant Center. These tools are incredibly effective at giving you further insight into your campaign data and in some cases (Google Merchant Center) providing the means to connect your online store seamlessly across interfaces.
  • Google Analytics – One of the biggest advantages of using Google AdWords as your SEM platform is it’s capability to directly link to a Google Analytics profile.
  • Google Analytics has also become a strong web analysis tool utilized for online marketing analysis as well.
  • Google Analytics is an essential part of any online marketing strategy and a Google Analytics profile will be created for your business regardless of which platform you decide to advertise your company on.

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